About Us

AgriFood Lithuania is a Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common pursuit of digital transformations in the agriculture, food and associated sectors.

The mission of AgriFood Lithuania DIH is to contribute towards achieving the vision outlined in the EU Declaration of ‘A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas’ and strengthen the national and European technological infrastructure.

The DIH links stakeholders with international and cross-sector initiatives to provide all-round support in the research, development and deployment of AgriFood Tech innovations.

Our Competence

Fostering stakeholder cooperation in the development and uptake of high-tech AgriFood innovations.

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Smart sensors and electronics

Location based technologies

Aerial system applications

Distributed systems and blockchain

Spectroscopy and remote sensing

Big data and data analytics

Enterprise information systems

Web, cloud and SaaS services

Our Services

A one-stop-shop for AgriFood Tech innovation development services and cooperation opportunities.


Stakeholder ecosystem building and synergy creation.

Knowledge Transfer

Facilitating international technology, competence and know-how transfer.

Innovation Co-Creation

Supporting R&D project development and funding accessability.

Use Case Validation

Solution prototyping, end-user testing and market need assessment.


Innovation business development and investment readiness services.

Mentoring and Training

Supporting upcoming talent and fostering innovation growth.

Case Studies

Partner innovations, fostered and facilitated by AgriFood Lithuania DIH.

Hyperspectral imaging for precision agriculture

by ART21

Applications of AI analytical techniques for hyperspectral image analysis of crop plants. Enabling remote plant nutritional state assessment and early stage disease recognition using aerial field scanning. Data integration with smart machinery for sustainable and efficient agrochemical use.

Distributed algorithm processing infrastructure

by ART21

R&D of innovative cryptographic solutions for applications in AgriFood Tech. Implementation of distributed and decentralized data processing infrastructure that ensures accessibility and usability of advanced data processing algorithms while maintaining their privacy and ownership.

Farm and grain management software

by Agrolabas

Specialized information and process management SaaS solutions for agriculture under the AgroSmart product family, ranging from GIS-based farm management and planning platforms for farmers, to integrated ERP systems for grain elevators and fertilizer retailers.

Food integrity with AI and Raman spectrometry

by Spektrolabas

Enabling widespread applications of Raman spectrometry in the food industry by applying Machine learning and AI analytical techniques for spectral data analysis. Enabling fast, non-invasive and on-site assessment of food and beverage quality, safety and authenticity.

Electronic nose for food freshness testing

by ARS Lab

Gas sensor technology R&D, commercialization and innovation for applications in the food industry. Introduction of the world’s first handheld consumer-level device for non-invasive determination of raw meat, poultry and fish freshness.

Our Partners

Partner organizations and businesses contributing towards AgriFood innovations.


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