About the project:

A 30-month pioneering European project, SUAVE EuroCluster, aims to boost urban agriculture (UA) towards sustainable and resilient urban food systems.

An integral part of SUAVE’s concept is the development of urban green spaces, alternative methods of generating and distributing food, new technology applied to cities, environmental issues, and urban planning, along with social aspects of inclusion, integration, and community building.

Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC) and Zero Waste are essential for providing a better environment and also responding to urban population demands. Using new and alternative technologies, such as Industry 4.0 solutions, urban agriculture covers diverse fields, including vertical and indoor farming systems, soilless urban farms (hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics), and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

EuroCluster gathers five experienced agri-food and digital clusters with the aim of boosting innovation in urban farming systems via networking activities, innovation support, and SMEs’ innovation adoption, as well as training. The project supports SMEs from new ideas in urban agriculture to market entry of new services and products, with 1,050 M€ (over 75% of the budget) designated for SMEs from European countries.

Role of AgriFood Lithuania in SUAVE:

As part of its mission, AFL connects its stakeholders with international and cross-sectoral initiatives, provides comprehensive support for research, development, and implementation of agricultural innovations, and has been recognized by the EU Joint Research Center for its excellent industry focus. Every year, AFL organizes international events like the “AgriFood Forum” for business and political leaders, as well as “HACK AgriFood“. These points prove the company’s ability to collaborate with partners from the EU and outside of the EU, and to support SMEs in their digitalization and internationalization efforts. The AFL also contributes to the SUAVE project’s overall activities.

AgriFood Lithuania DIH aims to strengthen the resilience of the EU industrial ecosystems by building value chain interconnections within the EU single market, which serves as a basis for further networking actions and innovation, adoption, and training support.

Agrifood Lithuania contributes to the project in:

  • Mapping and assessing the Lithuanian ecosystem (clusters, members, value chains), determining key stakeholders in digitalization and new technologies for a greener and more digital economy. In order to shape European UA ecosystems and value chains, we must identify systemic weaknesses, challenges, and unfulfilled needs;
  • Networking for resilience to improve the sustainability of the European UA ecosystem through value chain interlinkages;
  • Collaborating across UA value chains and different industrial ecosystems with European cluster organisations;
  • Planning for business continuity and resilience readiness in the UA ecosystem for SMEs.

Project partners:

  1. Vegepolys Valley – France
  2. Cluster de la Maquinaria i dels Medis de Producció Agrícola de Catalunya (FEMAC) – Spain: Catalonia
  3. Innoskart – Hungary
  4. Fundacja UNIMOS – Poland
  5. AgriFood Lithuania DIH – Lithuania

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