Stakeholder ecosystem building and synergy creation

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Knowledge Transfer

Facilitating international technology, competence and know-how transfer

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Innovation Co-Creation

Supporting R&D project development and funding accessibility

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Use Case Validation

Solution prototyping, end-user testing and market need assessment

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Innovation business development and investment readiness services

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Mentoring and Training

Supporting upcoming talent and fostering innovation growth

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Cluster News

Kristina Šermukšnytė-Alešiūnienė. From Lithuania to the EU: echoes of agrarian frustration in the heart of Europe

The storm that hit Lithuania's wintry fields has moved on to the country's capital. It is not only the dark clouds that threaten future harvests, but…

New and promising ideas for a more sustainable future at the C2Lab in Vilnius

  On 14-15 November 2023, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, in collaboration with AgriFood Lithuania, celebrated the fourth Cluster…

A. Novo re-elected President of the European Cluster Alliance, K. Šermukšnytė-Alešiūnienė becomes Vice-President

Antonio Novo, President of the Spanish Federation of Clusters and managing director of the Aragonese cluster IDiA, was re-elected as President of the…

Did you know?


There are over 1500 clusters located in more than 200 EU-27 regions.

Human capital

Clusters account for almost 25% of total EU employment.


Clusters unite 70 percent of SMEs in the EU.

Faster digitalization

8 out of 10 clusters contribute to faster business digitalization

Green transition

60% of clusters’ innovative activities promote the successful implementation of the Green transition.


Cluster organizations perform better in the economic and technological aspects
of competitiveness.


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