Startup Ecosystem

AgriFood Lithuania contributes to the creation of a more friendly start-up ecosystem in Lithuania and Europe and aims to increase the number of start-ups operating in the agrifood sector in Lithuania through various initiatives and projects. In order to ensure the highest possible visibility of startups to investors, the media, European and national authorities, and to always inform startuos about emerging opportunities in a timely manner, we have created this section where every startup can introduce itself.


Why should you register your startup in the system?

Increasing visibility

This website is visited by investors, media representatives, managers, owners and representatives of companies of various sizes, European and national government officials and other people who could potentially become your customers.

Possibility to get involved in various projects

When looking for startups for our projects, first of all, we will evaluate the possibilities of startups registered in this system

You will always be informed

You will always receive news about upcoming events, ongoing international programs and funding opportunities.

Possibility to share more information about your startup

On this platform, you can upload presentations, press releases and/or much more detailed descriptions of your team or your startup. For this, please contact us directly by e-mail

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