The urgent challenges affecting our world and the agrifood industry will be addressed at the Women in Agrifood Summit in 2023. As a summarizing event of the 4th edition of the EIT Food Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA) programme, it is being hosted by AgriFood Lithuania DIH on December 1 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The aim is to make the summit a platform for fruitful discussion on gender equality advocacy and building an inclusive, safe, and sustainable agrifood system. 

The agrifood sector is closely linked to the critical challenges our planet is currently confronting. Encouraging innovation and fostering inclusivity are essential steps toward building a resilient and secure agrifood system that benefits everyone. Due to this, the theme of this year’s summit is “Balance for the Future: Why Food Systems Need Balance and What Does It Really Mean?”. EIT Food is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

Malgorzata Druciarek, Gender and Diversity Officer at EIT Food CLC North-East stated: “Gender equality is a crucial thing to fortifying the growth, resilience, and sustainability of the agrifood industry. The Women in Agrifood Summit is not only a summarizing event of the 4th edition of the EWA programme but also an important platform where numerous experts will undertake important discussions on the cooperation of women and men in the process of transforming the sector. We are very proud of our role as a driving force behind the event that echoes our belief in an inclusive and prosperous future for all within the agrifood sector.”

The event will gather participants of the EWA programme which took place this year in 11 European countries: Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and Romania. All women with an interest in agriculture, food, technology, and business will have the chance to network, share experiences, realize their own potential, and more.

Many experts in their field and managers will be among the speakers, who will engage in critical debates about how men and women can work together to change the business for the better in the future.

Additionally, on-site attendees will have the chance to actively participate in workshops led by exceptional moderators who will motivate audiences to discuss the current difficulties facing the agrifood sector.  

CEO of AgriFood Lithuania DIH Kristina Šermukšnytė Alešiūnienė, an expert in the field and a patron of the Lithuanian EWA programme, expressed her support for this initiative: “Its mission to nurture gender balance is both commendable and greatly needed in today’s world, where diversity and equality are crucial for progress. Over the past four years, the programme has raised many talented female entrepreneurs, and Lithuania has also achieved great results. For us, it is an honor to organize the summit of its kind for the first time here in Vilnius.”

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